Queer hapa Filipina attacked outside NY bar

Lesbian 'Top Chef' Contestant Assaulted In Homophobic Attack
by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

Posted: September 12, 2007 - 10:30 am ET

(New York City) Former 'Top Chef' constant Josie Smith-Malave is accusing police on Long Island of doing little to arrest the men she says beat her and two other women outside a bar in Sea Cliff.

Smith-Malave, who is openly lesbian and was featured on season 2 of the Bravo network show, said through her attorney that she and the other women had been asked to leave the bar on Sept 1 after a patron objected that two of the women were dancing together.

Attorney Yetta Kurland says that about 10 or 12 patrons, mostly young and some under age, followed the three women out of the club where the assault occurred.

Kurland says that the crowd began yelling anti-gay epithets, then spat on the women and threw debris on them.

At that point several in the crowd began beating the women. The three suffered bruises. One woman had a head injury, and Kurland says that a video recorder that one of the woman had was stolen from her.

When police arrived at the scene several of the attackers were still there but Kurland says there were no arrests, and police still have not laid any charges.

"We're disappointed with the initial response. I've been given assurances that they are going to treat this as a bias crime," Kurland told Newsday.

A spokesperson for Nassau County police declined to discuss the case while it is under investigation.

A Miami native, Smith-Malave is a former sous-chef for a Brooklyn restaurant. Prior to that she played for the New York Sharks of the Independent Women's Football League.

Kurland said that the women were on Long Island for a friend's birthday.

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A Girl Like Me

Young people are the next generation of the progressive movement. And we are doing amazing things.

Last Friday night for the Facing Race conference featured a performance line-up of spoken word poets, musicians, and jazz legend Eddie Palmieri. It also featured 17-year old Kiri Davis, whose film "A Girl Like Me" has stirred up controversy about how far we've progressed with racial equality since the 1940s; how the state of racial inequality impacts the self-esteem and self-identity for young Black people in the U.S. Davis created this movie when she was just 16, through Reel Works Teen Filmaking a free afterschool program sponsored by HBO.

The first part of her film are interviews with young Black women who share their experiences growing up dark skinned while reflecting the internalized values that comes with having a certain skin color. They address the stereotypes of Black women that inform their own personal identity. Then it segues into "The Doll Test" of a psychologist husband and wife team, Kenneth and Mamie Clark that was used to overturn racial segregation in the famous Brown vs. Board of Education case. Kiri reconducts The Doll Test in the film and the results are devestating--even after fifty three years, our youth are still impacted by race in the same way as youth in the 1940s.

I'm very grateful that Kiri made this movie. She was at the conference to present this film and it was refreshing to see how youth in high school understand politics and it's implications in their lives.
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How do you deal with a situation...

    in which someone close to you has a difficult time understanding your point of view, and has a tendency to react very pigheaded when you try to assert your point, not so much in disagreement with your point, but more lack of willingness to let go of their pride and listen to you when the moment is crucial?
How do you explain to someone that when you feel strongly about women's rights, racial injustice, etc., that you are not simply playing the blame game against all white males?  How do you show someone that even though they may not be personally commiting injustices that there is, however, a system set up that caters specifically to them with no regards for/at the expense of others?  How do you convince this person that just because others have viewed them as "the bad guy," that  you should not be punished for their assumptions?

How do you convince someone who, after the heat is over and you've had to shed too many tears, claims they are willing to listen and that they understand, to listen to you before it resorts to all of that?
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I recently joined this community and I decided to say wassup and introduce myself.  I'm a 23 year old multi-racial female.
In my years I've been told that I've been denying that I'm black, that I shouldn't talk black around white folks, that I sound too white around everyone else, that racism doesn't exist anymore, that the fact that I reported a sexual harssment complaint about a fellow employee made me "oversensitive," that I shouldn't point out my roomate's racist comments about American Indians being lazy welfare horders because it might "hurt her feelings," that I always talk about race, and any amount of where are you from's, no where were you born, no where are your parent's from, hey you part asian, you guys like all that sex stuff, hey is this another treasure of the Philipines, you're not Filipino, what are you thai, samoan, hawaiian, no you're not black, you're lying kinda shit I'm sure everyone in this community has already heard.

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A rage against sexual objectification and exoticisation.

Dear asshole,

Number one: do not try to catch my attention by saying "Hey, hey, Asian girl." BEING ASIAN DOES NOT MAKE ME SPECIAL, DIFFERENT OR EXOTIC. IT SIMPLY MEANS I AM A LITTLE BIT YELLOW AND MY WESTERN-MADE GLASSES DO NOT STAY ON MY EASTERN-MADE NOSE. It is completely inappropriate for you to use it as a way to address me. You would not address a white woman as "white girl", now, would you?

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Hello hello hello.

Hello, I'm just new to this community and I wanted to rage straight away!

First of all, I am a young transracial teenage woman of Scottish and Chinese descent. For anyone unfamiliar with my jargon, I am basically mixed race - but I refuse to call myself "half"-anything. I'm not halves. I'm a whole.

Anyway, because of my Chinese side, I stick out in white communities as Chinese (although stick out in Chinese communities as white). As such, I tend to get a lot of mixed reactions.

Unfortunately, a lot of that is very sexually charged. I was recently asked, in some poor attempt to chat me up, if I had ever starred in pornography! Why? Because there is a niche market for Asian porno. Nice way to totally pidgeon hole an ENTIRE RACE OF PEOPLE, you asshole. Stop thinking about me naked BECAUSE I AM ASIAN.

Hell, stop thinking of me naked FULL STOP.


The MAIZ Chronicles

**I hope this is appropriate to post here. I figured that there might be some interest in this project. I am posting this for a friend who is not in this community, so if you have any questions email her, donàt leave them in a comment.**

The MAIZ Chronicles
I've recieved a few great entries, but I still need your input-I've extended the deadline to August 1st so if you're planning on sending anything in please let me know.
What to send in?
stories, articles, artwork, relevant zine and book reviews, commentaries and more.
MAIZ-Mujeres Artistas/Activistas Insurgentes y Zine-istas
(women, artists, activists, insurgents and zinesters)

Submissions are being accepted for the first issue of the The MAIZ Chronicles. This is an invitation to be part of the zine. If you are a mujer(women of color) and would like to submit to the zine, please contact me at noemi.mtz@gmail.com
*This comp zine is accepting submissions from all women of color, not only Latinas and Chicanas.

There is no theme but we would like to publish pieces from unique perspectives by mujeres on issues concerning mujeres and folks of colors- - issues that are hardly covered in zines.
Submissions can be in any language, providing translation.
Let me know if you would like to help by passing out flyers, layout, submissions, or including the call out in your zine, message board or your friends and students. Anyone can help out with the process.
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Asian American LGBT Survey

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force is conducting the largest study ever of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Asian and Pacific Islande Americans. (That's LGBT APIs for short.) They are looking for 500 folks to complete the online survey. It's confidential, anonymous, and available in four languages: English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese.

"The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Asian-American community is under-served, under-researched and under-studied. Its members are caught in the margins," said Alain Dang, Task Force Policy analyst and the study's lead researcher. "We need to better understand the experience of this diverse part of our community. The findings of this study will help us to include the voices of the LGBT Asian-American community at all
levels of discussion."

So, why participate in this survey? Well, for one, it helps determine what people's collective experiences have been, particularly with harassment and violence related to sexual orientation, gender identity, or ethnic heritage. And the more data they have, the more sold info they have to show what kind of problems exist that need to be addressed, and to advocate for change.

Sound good to you? Take the survey here.

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Hello everyone: to mark my new membership to this community (a great idea), I wanted to post a poem that immediately came to mind when I stumbled upon this group:

don't wanna be your exotic
some delicate fragile colorful bird
imprisoned caged
in a land foreign to the stretch of her wings
don't wanna be your exotic
women everywhere are just like me
some taller darker nicer than me
but like me but just the same
women everywhere carry my nose on their faces
my name on their spirits
don't wanna
don't seduce yourself with
my otherness my hair
wasn't put on top of my head to entice
you into some mysterious black voodoo
the beat of my lashes against each other
ain't some dark desert beat
it's just a blink
get over it
don't wanna be your exotic
your lovin of my beauty ain't more than
funky fornication plain pink perversion
in fact nasty necrophilia
cause my beauty is dead to you
I am dead to you
not your
harem girl geisha doll banana picker
pom pom girl pum pum shorts coffee maker
town whore belly dancer private dancer
la malinche venus hottentot laundry girl
your immaculate vessel emasculating princess
don't wanna be
your erotic
not your exotic

-- suheir hammad