Got to be good-looking 'cos he's so hard to see (fa_ikaika) wrote in exoticizemyfist,
Got to be good-looking 'cos he's so hard to see

nasty little NZ restaurant

sassafras_siren suggested I cross post this from sex_and_race.

The restaurant chain "Monsoon Poon" (the title says it all really), has a whole menu full of objectionable "Asian woman as hooker" motifs.

Here's the post from my comrade-in-arms Tze-Ming Mok who spotted them.

If you feel like sending the "restarateurs" an email and letting them know that other people don't appreciate their "sense of humor", be my guest. Tze-Ming's blog has the email address.

This kind of maliciously ignant behavior needs to be buried forcefully by the neck in my humble opinion.

Nice backup comment from ebonbird (thanks mate)

By the way, does everyone know about bigbadchinesemamma? She's pretty hilarious on the objectification thing too. I particularly love the prank phone calls she does to massage parlors.
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