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Arab Women's Conference



June 9-11th, 2006-
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Jones College Prep School
606 South State Street

On June 9-11th, 2006, a historic event is going to take place:
A national gathering of Arab women and girls in the U.S. The gathering
will include Arab and Arab American women and girls, as well as those from
communities within the Arab world such as Assyrians, Copts, Kurds, Chaldeans
and Amazigh.

These past few years have been difficult ones for our communities, and
there are many Arab women and girls living throughout the U.S. who have been
working actively in different arenas to empower ourselves and each other.
It’s time we come together, talk face to face about issues that affect our
lives, honor our histories of activism and share our skills to build a
larger vision and movement of and by Arab and Arab American women and girls.

The gathering will feature performances, discussions and workshops and
opportunities for strengthening alliances with one another. Participants
will be invited to choose between several overlapping activities covering a
broad spectrum of issues and interests, such as such as family violence,
intergenerational issues ,immigration, racism, religious identity,
imperialism and war, sexuality and LGBTQ experiences, mixed race identity,
art, poetry, activism and political organizing

¨ Explore issues that impact our lives
¨ Build coalitions that strengthen our movements
¨ Engage in poetry, film and performance in our work for social
¨ Build power with one another and in our local communities
¨ Walk away with new skills

If you would like to have a registration form emailed to you please email
Suzanne at s_adely@yahoo.com. Register before April 15th 2006. Registrations
forms are available in English and Arabic. For more informatin see

Jones College Prep School is located just south of downtown Chicago and
is accessible by subway and car and Midway and O’Hare airports. Parking is
available. For more info: www.jonescollegeprep.org - Lodging opportunities
include 1) Chicago Youth Hostel (www.hichicago.org)-AMWAJ discount available
until May 1st; 2) Chicago
Travelodg(www.travelodgehoteldowntown.com/home/)-AMWAJ discount available
until May 1st; and 3) Community Housing (yas_ahmed@hotmail.com- indicate
your interest in this option on your registration form by May 1st.

Arab Women’s Gathering Organizing Collective and Advisory Committee:
Katherine Acey (New York, NY); Rabab Abdulhadi (Dearborn, Michigan);
Suzanne Adely (Chicago, IL); Yasmin Ahmed (Chicago, IL); Janaan Attia
(Oakland, CA); Lara Deeb (Long Beach, CA); Eman Desouky (Oakland, CA); Nada
Elia (Seattle, WA); Noura Erakat (Washington D.C.); Huda Jadallah (Oakland,
CA); Amira Jarmakani (Atlanta, GA); Jumana Musa (Washington D.C.); Nadine
Naber (Ann Arbor, MI); Heba Nimr (Oakland, CA); Itedal Shalabi (Chicago, IL)
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