Clarey-Tee (ninjageishagirl) wrote in exoticizemyfist,

Hello hello hello.

Hello, I'm just new to this community and I wanted to rage straight away!

First of all, I am a young transracial teenage woman of Scottish and Chinese descent. For anyone unfamiliar with my jargon, I am basically mixed race - but I refuse to call myself "half"-anything. I'm not halves. I'm a whole.

Anyway, because of my Chinese side, I stick out in white communities as Chinese (although stick out in Chinese communities as white). As such, I tend to get a lot of mixed reactions.

Unfortunately, a lot of that is very sexually charged. I was recently asked, in some poor attempt to chat me up, if I had ever starred in pornography! Why? Because there is a niche market for Asian porno. Nice way to totally pidgeon hole an ENTIRE RACE OF PEOPLE, you asshole. Stop thinking about me naked BECAUSE I AM ASIAN.

Hell, stop thinking of me naked FULL STOP.

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