Clarey-Tee (ninjageishagirl) wrote in exoticizemyfist,

A rage against sexual objectification and exoticisation.

Dear asshole,

Number one: do not try to catch my attention by saying "Hey, hey, Asian girl." BEING ASIAN DOES NOT MAKE ME SPECIAL, DIFFERENT OR EXOTIC. IT SIMPLY MEANS I AM A LITTLE BIT YELLOW AND MY WESTERN-MADE GLASSES DO NOT STAY ON MY EASTERN-MADE NOSE. It is completely inappropriate for you to use it as a way to address me. You would not address a white woman as "white girl", now, would you?

Actually, please do not call me "girl". I am a fully grown woman, thank you, despite being a teenager. I am physically mature.

Number two: you told me I have "cock-sucking lips." What?!

Okay, I don't even know how to coherantly express my thoughts to that. At all. Just... Just... Thanks for letting me know you think my mouth is "good enough" to fellate you! Fuck your Fascist beauty standards, fuck having to be approved by a man, fuck your heterocentric ideas, fuck your sexual objectification, fuck you.

I have a real problem with being treated like an exotic sexual object because of my race. STOP IT.

No love,

A very angry WOMAN.

X-posted to feminist_rage, racism_rage, my own journal.
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