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I recently joined this community and I decided to say wassup and introduce myself.  I'm a 23 year old multi-racial female.
In my years I've been told that I've been denying that I'm black, that I shouldn't talk black around white folks, that I sound too white around everyone else, that racism doesn't exist anymore, that the fact that I reported a sexual harssment complaint about a fellow employee made me "oversensitive," that I shouldn't point out my roomate's racist comments about American Indians being lazy welfare horders because it might "hurt her feelings," that I always talk about race, and any amount of where are you from's, no where were you born, no where are your parent's from, hey you part asian, you guys like all that sex stuff, hey is this another treasure of the Philipines, you're not Filipino, what are you thai, samoan, hawaiian, no you're not black, you're lying kinda shit I'm sure everyone in this community has already heard.

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