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How do you deal with a situation...

    in which someone close to you has a difficult time understanding your point of view, and has a tendency to react very pigheaded when you try to assert your point, not so much in disagreement with your point, but more lack of willingness to let go of their pride and listen to you when the moment is crucial?
How do you explain to someone that when you feel strongly about women's rights, racial injustice, etc., that you are not simply playing the blame game against all white males?  How do you show someone that even though they may not be personally commiting injustices that there is, however, a system set up that caters specifically to them with no regards for/at the expense of others?  How do you convince this person that just because others have viewed them as "the bad guy," that  you should not be punished for their assumptions?

How do you convince someone who, after the heat is over and you've had to shed too many tears, claims they are willing to listen and that they understand, to listen to you before it resorts to all of that?
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