Exoticize my Fist!

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The term "exoticize my fist" was originally coined by activist/ theorist/ punk rocker Mimi Nguyen. This community is inspired by www.exoticizemyfist.com (an online magazine for queer APA women and their allies).

This community is a place for POC and allies to critically examine the culture of objectification and exotification.

Do strangers stop you to ask you were you are from or what you are or if they can touch your hair? Has anyone ever asked you if your genetalia is "different" or if you can see out of your eyes since they aren't two perfectly round orbs? Do you find dating to be a lesson in patience because your suitors make racist remarks while thinking that they are compliments?

This is a place to rage, regroup, build community, and empower ourselves and each other.

POC issues and concerns are the focus of this community. All are welcome to participate, but please keep in mind that this is, first and foremost, a POC space. This is not Cost Plus/World Market where you can try to shop for culture. Be respectful or get out.

The definition of racism that we go by is racism = racial privilege + power.
This is not a place to whine about "reverse racism" or to deny white privilege. If this confuses you, check out debunking_white.